Simple Ways to Increase Your Energy

Simple Ways to Increase Your Energy 

If you are looking to avoid the energy dips that come after coffee and energy drinks you’ve come to the right place. The title of this article comes off as a bit facetious due to the fact that when you find yourself in the thick of an energy crash it does not feel like a simple matter to stay awake, you would need some kind of miracle. Coffee and energy teas contain naturally occurring caffeine and antioxidants that are very beneficial to our health, so I am in no way bashing them. I am writing this because I can relate to the reader who experiences negative side effects from fast-releasing caffeine such as dehydration, heart palpitations, anxiety, etc. I prefer a more subtle level of energy that allows me to focus and does not take me on a roller coaster of having tons of energy then crashing mid-day and craving processed sugars that ultimately would set me back from reaching my wellness goals of eliminating processed sugar completely. So let’s get right into ways to naturally increase your energy levels.

Light Exercise 

Upon waking a bit of light exercise to get your blood flowing can offer increased energy and more stress resistance throughout the day. The main reason exercise in the morning is beneficial is that naturally when we wake up our cortisol, the stress hormone,  levels go up and by exercising the body will better regulate the amount of cortisol being released leading to a more positive mood. I like to do 10 minutes of cardio and 30-45 minutes of pilates from home! 

Get Natural Light

Go for a walk in the morning to get two things accomplished at once. Natural light exposure can help wake you up similar to the blue light effect we get from staring at our phone screens at night that can interrupt the body's natural circadian rhythm. The sky omits a similar blue light that signals it is time to wake up. By going on a morning walk you get your blood flowing and the natural light of the sky makes you feel energized. 

Do Not Drink Caffeine First Thing

Caffeine dehydrates the body because it is a diuretic and after 6-8 hours of sleeping your body needs to rehydrate to flush out the stomach and help to balance your lymphatic system. What do I mean by balancing your lymphatic system? In short, the lymphatic system works to balance fluid levels in the body as well as to protect against infections that could compromise your immune system. Personally, I will drink water until my urine is clear so that I can ensure I have flushed toxins out of my body and am fully hydrated before I have any caffeine. Typically I drink 16 oz or 2 cups of water before having caffeine. Having caffeine on an empty stomach can also increase the amount of acid in your stomach causing indigestion, bloating, and a sluggish feeling throughout the day. Note: By 11:00-12:00 when I have a coffee, I do not load it with sugar, instead,  I use a natural sweetener my two favorites to use that will not negatively impact my health are Monkfruit and Erythritol I like to add soy creamer to not spike my insulin. This prevents energy crashes. 

Have A Good Nighttime Routine

Getting a good night's sleep will never not be important to help increase your energy. Intentionally winding down 30 minutes before sleep by making some warm tea, brushing your teeth, and doing a skincare routine helps you prepare for rest by keeping your well-being and hygiene in mind. To feel good in the morning I like to prep my clothing, contacts, and water for the morning to eliminate the number of choices I have to make first thing in the morning. The  naturopath doctor I have consulted with recommended that I take magnesium in the morning to help with sleep and feeling energized from sleep. It has made a difference,  even if I get 5 hours of sleep I feel more energized when I take magnesium, and it has improved the quality of my sleep. 

Eliminate Processed Sugars 

Read the labels on the foods you eat first thing in the morning and if they are high in sugar that is not naturally occurring it should not be your first option if you want to maintain high energy throughout the day. Naturally occurring sugars are found in foods like fruit, honey, maple syrup, etc. A sugar-filled breakfast will lead to a sugar crash at lunchtime causing you to crave more sugar. It is better for your energy levels to have a breakfast that contains healthy fats like avocado or nuts/nut butter, protein, and a complex carbohydrate to support optimal energy. (I am going to write about some of my favorite breakfast options that are low in sugar and vegetarian!) This helps you to feel fulfilled and gives you the support you need to feel your best and perform your best. I am not saying completely eliminate sugar altogether because life is meant to be enjoyed and there’s always a time for dessert! 

I hope this has helped in finding ways to increase your energy. I would like to delve deeper into this topic with natural supplementations that can aid in stabilizing your energy levels. I am currently on day 15 of 30 on a celery juice cleanse and strangely enough, I feel way more energized throughout the day. If juicing celery is too much of a time commitment there are always green smoothie recipes that you can incorporate more easily with similar high-energy benefits. For more on the topic of holistic health and everything wellness related subscribe to our newsletter located at the bottom of the home page. As always thanks for tuning in and I hope this helps you on your journey to a healthier happier self.